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"life brings us all together"


Okay, so I'm gonna keep it real af. I can't lie about my life, about achievements, or anything like that lol. I'm a newbie in this world after all, or am I?
Anyways.. I'm Aakash Shrivastava, a 18 yo boy from Noida, India. I'm mostly proud of my identity, so yea
I'm really proud to be an Indian and a Hindu
So as for now, I'm doing my Btech in ECE(24') from USICT, Delhi. I like to code often, well its a relatively new hobby of mine but I like it yeah. Also, I like to do bits of video editing in free time, read books, and maybe listen to music. I mean, who won't like music lol?
And ah, I also like stargazing lol, its cute. My path is kinda not-so-well-defined as for now, but I have plans, and I really hope to accomplish them.
And by god's grace, I will!!
So yeah, that's the most of it. Checkout the Contact tab to see my socials, and feel free to hmu. Till then, have fun.

"ईश्वरः मम न्यायदाता"


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